unauthorized access

A la connexion au portail BI Publisher (http://HOST:PORT/xmlpserver/) avec l’utilisateur weblogic le portail renvoi le message « Accès non autorisé»/ « Unauthorized Access ». Si après avoir réessayé plusieurs fois au cas ou le mot de passe ne serait pas bon le portail renvoi […]

[DataDirect][ODBC Oracle driver]The DataDirect ODBC driver you are attempting to access has been provided to you by Siebel Systems for exclusive use with eBusiness Applications. You are not licensed to use this driver with any application other than eBusiness Applications. If you would like to purchase a driver for some other use, please call 800-876-3101 or visit DataDirect at www.datadirect.com

Re-create connection by select Oraclient Important: Use the same connection name or you will have duplicate source name for the same database.

Hide nan values in a table

((‘bleu’/(‘rouge’+’bleu’))*100) Return NAN Values. It’s because in results there is a zero on the top or on the bottom of the divizion Solution: ( AVG(‘rouge’/100)+ AVG(‘bleu’/100) )* ((‘bleu’/(‘rouge’+’bleu’))*100)